Orange. Phone Faced Down.

Israel – the Startup Nation – leads Europe and US in smartphone use. That is why, when we created the Phone Faced Down campaign, it had a great success all over the country. Radio and TV shows interviewed us and UNDIGITIZE.ME was covered everywhere in the offline and online sources.

Today we got another proof that the message got spread out. Orange – the most popular cellular network operator in Israel – has published a new video, using our exact message: “There are moments in life, when you should put your phone aside”.  Click here to see the video.

Orange. Phone Faced Down.

Orange. Phone Faced Down.

That was our dream when we first started UNDIGITIZE.ME – spread the word until the cellphone operators and manufacturers themselves will understand us, the users. Of course, it’s a commercial for their new network, but still, it shows that they are aware of our addiction.

If you wish to help spread the word in Europe – please vote for us – so we could speak in the Web Summit in Ireland. You can vote here:

// Lior Frenkel

How to control your kid’s smartphone addiction

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post. Michael Gilin is a husband, father, telecommunications professional and blogger at Maveze. Fascinated by social media, amazed by technology, thinks he has valuable things to say and loves to share his observations and opinions with the world. You can follow his blogs here and here.

Michael Gilin

Michael Gilin

No doubt we live in a super technological era. And it’s a blessing. It’s what drives all the mankind forward into the future. But in some way, as every coin has two sides, it’s also a curse. Technology is making our lives easier in many ways, but also turns us to be quite dependent on it. It is changing the way we live, influencing the way we behave, altering the way we think. And if by “we” I mean mostly iY, Y and even X generations. You can only imagine the implications it will have on our children.

When I was a 4 years old toddler (in the beginning of the 80s), the most sophisticated piece of technology we had was a black-and-white TV set with manual knob to change the channels and adjust the brightness.


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Don’t text while watching a movie – the ninjas will get you

The Prince Charles Cinema in Londons Leicester Square is taking matter in their own hands by employing so-called ninjas to stop rude texters. A semi questionable method, but at list they look great in leotard.


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Phone Faced Down At The Wedding…





Last night my parents and I went to a family wedding. At some point I saw my dad checking his emails, sitting next to the table. And then I heard him whispering angrily to himself “Phone Faced Down!”. He put down his phone, my mom smiled to herself, and we all went for a dance. 

Ela Brayer-Faifkov, Tel-Aviv, Israel


Where The “Phone Faced Down” Campaign Started

Ten days ago, I uploaded the first photo for the Phone Faced Down campaign. That photo was taken in my favorite coffee shop in Jaffa, Israel – “Casino San Remo Cafe”, AKA “The Casino”. I went to sit there almost every morning, with my thoughts about the Digital Diet and how we can raise the awareness for this important issue. The reason I love this place so much, is not just because they know how to make a great espresso. It’s because the workers there are all young, passionate, smart and lively people. I was talking with them about the Digital Diet every day, we were brainstorming ideas, and thinking of concepts. Between taking an order, and serving another dish, I’d stop one of them for a moment, asking him or her what they think about this or that. And I always got their honest opinions, hearing their stories about iPhone addiction, getting some graphical advice.

Yonatan Ben Knaan, Cheer Leader

Yonatan Ben Knaan, Cheer Leader

I had four meetings there with Yonatan Ben Knaan – the first guy to join the team – where we talked and brainstormed endlessly about the Organic Apps, the Digital Diet, and about how musicians should ask their audience to put their phone in their pockets before the gig starts. A lot of this brainstorm is what led me to the Phone Faced Down concept. And many other great ideas are yet to be published.

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