Do Nothing To Get A Free Beer

We rarely take a break.

Especially if you’re working in an office, you might be in a constant hurry. In the few minutes you’re not in front of the computer, you’re playing with your Smartphone. Never do you take a real break, a real pause. We are either slaves to work or to the Smartphone.

Amstel Pause is a super cool installation in Sofia, Bulgaria, that makes you do nothing, and in return you’ll get a beer. How awesome is that!
Unlike other installations that ask users to dance, pay attention or do stuff, Amstel Pause just wants them to have a three minute break. And to enjoy a cool beer afterwards.

Watch this video to get the gist of it:

Did it work? Yep…

For 16 days, working from 16:00 to 21:00 o’clock in the busy center in Sofia, Amstel Pause collected:
— 4,032 minutes of break or more than 67 hours of rest for different people;
— Average of 84 users per day;
— Total of 1,344 beers given to people who do nothing;

amstel pause

amstel pause

Well kudos to Amstel

It’s not the first time this brand is helping us to cope with our Smartphone addiction. Remember the cool wardrobes for mobile phones in bars?

I can’t wait for it to get to my city. I always preferred my beer with doing nothing at the same time. It’s bad for my diet, but really good for my Digital Diet 😉

// Lior Frenkel

How to control your kid’s smartphone addiction

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post. Michael Gilin is a husband, father, telecommunications professional and blogger at Maveze. Fascinated by social media, amazed by technology, thinks he has valuable things to say and loves to share his observations and opinions with the world. You can follow his blogs here and here.

Michael Gilin

Michael Gilin

No doubt we live in a super technological era. And it’s a blessing. It’s what drives all the mankind forward into the future. But in some way, as every coin has two sides, it’s also a curse. Technology is making our lives easier in many ways, but also turns us to be quite dependent on it. It is changing the way we live, influencing the way we behave, altering the way we think. And if by “we” I mean mostly iY, Y and even X generations. You can only imagine the implications it will have on our children.

When I was a 4 years old toddler (in the beginning of the 80s), the most sophisticated piece of technology we had was a black-and-white TV set with manual knob to change the channels and adjust the brightness.


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Cell Phones Etiquette

Smartphone addiction is not only degrading your quality of life. It also affect others.
Some people think it’s rude when one talks on her phone next to them – “we don’t want to hear about your personal problems” they think. Moreover, when you’re texting someone, you got to remember he might be in a meeting now, or is trying to study or work. So by texting him, you might get him distracted from what he’s trying to do.

Cellphone in movies

, on a great post on, is detailing a Cell Phone Etiquette. It is under the title “The New Rules For Real Life” but unfortunately these are unwritten rules, and only a few respect such behaviour. Still, following her suggestions, we could have a much nicer world. Here are few examples:

Unless you are waiting for an urgent call that you plan to take outside, it’s still considered bad manners to leave your phone out at the table. Yes, we do it all the time. But it turns out…

When you’re at a movie, play, or other indoor performance, you can leave your phone on vibrate if you put it away, but it’s definitely not okay to pull your phone out and check or send text and emails during the show…

But basically, here’s where you shouldn’t take a call, unless it’s an emergency: public restrooms (just don’t take it out — it makes people feel weird), theaters, waiting areas, lines, gyms, coffee shops, elevators, trains, buses, and restaurants. If you do have to take the call, be quick and quiet, and try and step away, as quickly as possible…


Read her full post here.


5 Tips on How to Stop Being a Digital Slave – a great collection of posts about how to improve our lives, wrote about UNDIGITIZE.ME.

Ohad Frankfurt explains:

Put your phone face-down.

I recently had the good fortune of discovering a fantastic project called This project is a creation of a young entrepreneur who had enough. He wanted to focus on the things that mattered the most, mainly the people he encountered and his thoughts. One day he realized that the phone was his biggest obstacle.

So what does it mean to put your phone face-down? It means that you are preventing your mobile device from capturing your attention every time you receive an email, message, or any other stream of information. It’s not just a statement; it’s a way of life. Keeping your phone face-down means that you are trying to normalize the way you think and act, it means that once again you are in control of your time and focus and will not let any app or service control you.

Read more here.

UNDIGITIZE.ME and Google Glass

Lots of people – knowing about the project of the Digital Diet – sent me a funny video about Google Glass. The video shows you instructions of how not to be an asshole with Google Glass, because it’s really easy to be one when you got it. They called it “Glasshole”.
Now, their intuition was superb, linking the Google Glass to the project of “Outsmart your Smartphone”. As written in “Who We Are”:

…the new reality that took over our life so quickly, with the predictions for the coming technological developments such as the Google Glass, etc, woke us up

In other words, the fact that Google Glass is out, makes this project even more important. The technology is speeding up, but we didn’t yet come up with behaviours and regulations of how to use it. The next five years will show us many other bionic gadgets – bionic eyes, hands, etc. That is why we need to get more aware and discuss these issues, as soon as possible. In the mean time, we can start by understanding how not to be an asshole with your smartphone.

And now for the funny video, which can turn to be not-so-funny very soon: