Cell Phones Etiquette

Smartphone addiction is not only degrading your quality of life. It also affect others.
Some people think it’s rude when one talks on her phone next to them – “we don’t want to hear about your personal problems” they think. Moreover, when you’re texting someone, you got to remember he might be in a meeting now, or is trying to study or work. So by texting him, you might get him distracted from what he’s trying to do.

Cellphone in movies

, on a great post on refinery29.com, is detailing a Cell Phone Etiquette. It is under the title “The New Rules For Real Life” but unfortunately these are unwritten rules, and only a few respect such behaviour. Still, following her suggestions, we could have a much nicer world. Here are few examples:

Unless you are waiting for an urgent call that you plan to take outside, it’s still considered bad manners to leave your phone out at the table. Yes, we do it all the time. But it turns out…

When you’re at a movie, play, or other indoor performance, you can leave your phone on vibrate if you put it away, but it’s definitely not okay to pull your phone out and check or send text and emails during the show…

But basically, here’s where you shouldn’t take a call, unless it’s an emergency: public restrooms (just don’t take it out — it makes people feel weird), theaters, waiting areas, lines, gyms, coffee shops, elevators, trains, buses, and restaurants. If you do have to take the call, be quick and quiet, and try and step away, as quickly as possible…


Read her full post here.


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