UNDIGITIZE.ME and Google Glass

Lots of people – knowing about the project of the Digital Diet – sent me a funny video about Google Glass. The video shows you instructions of how not to be an asshole with Google Glass, because it’s really easy to be one when you got it. They called it “Glasshole”.
Now, their intuition was superb, linking the Google Glass to the project of “Outsmart your Smartphone”. As written in “Who We Are”:

…the new reality that took over our life so quickly, with the predictions for the coming technological developments such as the Google Glass, etc, woke us up

In other words, the fact that Google Glass is out, makes this project even more important. The technology is speeding up, but we didn’t yet come up with behaviours and regulations of how to use it. The next five years will show us many other bionic gadgets – bionic eyes, hands, etc. That is why we need to get more aware and discuss these issues, as soon as possible. In the mean time, we can start by understanding how not to be an asshole with your smartphone.

And now for the funny video, which can turn to be not-so-funny very soon:

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