Organic Apps vs. Junk Apps #1

So what defines Organic Apps?

Let’s start by understanding what are non-organic apps, or should we call them Junk Apps?

Connectivity addiction happens when we consume junk apps that boost our ego, make us slaves to our smartphones, and use our data to sell to advertisers, and harm our privacy in other ways.

Here are few examples for what Junk Apps do:

  • Push Notifications make us deal with unimportant stuff when we are busy with something important.
  • Students have hard time to learn to their exams since they visit addictive apps time and again.
  • At the office, people are having a hard time concentrating on their tasks.
  • Multiple people contact us via multiple apps – messenger, whatsapp, facebook, etc – sometimes all at the same time. Which mean we do not give them the right respect and response they deserve.

So Junk Apps are the apps that distract us from the good things about real life, they make us less focused, less concentrated on our jobs and the people we meet in real life.

Organic Apps – on the other hand – give us the benefits of the smartphone, without making us slaves. They use the amazing technology we have today, to improve our life in many ways.

For example they make us:

  • Knowledge – like the Wikipedia app, or IMDB app
  • Improve our Health – like running apps, and calorie calculators
  • Supply helpful tools such as navigation, maps, reminders, calendar
  • Keep us more updated – news apps, etc
  • Make us more creative – drawing, and some gaming apps
  • Take care of our privacy

These days, the OrganiConn is building a standard for Organic Apps. The next stage will be to try and distribute this standard among app developers. This way, we will be able to raise awareness among the apps ecosystem, just like what Organic Food did to the food ecosystem.

Do you have other thoughts about what makes Organic or Junk apps? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, we might use your inputs within our standard.

3 thoughts on “Organic Apps vs. Junk Apps #1

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