My Digital Diet

frrr…. frrr… frrrr…

My alarm clock is running. It must be 8AM already. I grab my phone with two fingers, using a third one to turn it off with an elegant swipe gesture. My left eye is closed, my right is half open. My mind starts figuring out what appears on the screen. Notifications.

בוקר טוב גם לכן, נוטיפיקציות שלי

Right on, let’s start the work. What should we check first – the whatsapp messages? there are eight from The Friends group, they probably went for a drink whilst i fell asleep. Three more msgs from the girl I’m dating, well that could wait a bit. Facebook messages? could be from someone from the office, or from some old friend. Four new likes in Instagram for a picture I uploaded last night? Well that’s REALLY not important, but my ego wants it checked. And two more emails – wait a sec, it could be an urgent matter from the office, but oh, maybe it’s just spam… Next to all those icons, I see my To Do List icon, reminding me of today’s tasks.

My left eye opens wide. After all, there’s a need for high level of concentration, a fast decision making, multitasking and I must not miss the important stuff. I’m not aware of it, because it’s only 8AM, but if I start responding to one of the chat or whatsapp messages, that could lead to a long dialog for 30 minutes; If I check my Insta likes, I could get lost in the feed, getting up to speed with what happened last night in the city; Facebook is the most dangerous to check – the Rabbit’s hole from Alice is less deep than the Facebook feed. Checking up my emails could make me open the laptop, getting it in the sheets, and working now for 20 minutes while I’m still in my PJs. OMG! what has happened to a relaxed morning with espresso and the paper sitting in my lovely garden?

My personal life, my social life, my career – they all had a party last night in my phone. This device, who turned into a natural extension of my arm. I have never had an object that I use so much. Even my old lucky underwear weren’t with me so many hours, my bed never got so much petting from my hands. What about my laptop which I work with for so many hours a day? got jealous… There’s no human or object in this world that I go to sleep with, wake up with, take with me to the toilet, comes with me abroad, to the bar, to the club, to the beach, to my parents. No woman has ever got so much attention from me; I’ve never missed anyone like I miss my phone when it’s not around…


But he’s a demanding mofo this device. Not only it ruins my mornings, it also gets me separation anxiety (NoMoPhobia); it ruins my ability to concentrate on tasks that dures more than 5 mins in the office, it makes me obsessive, gets me to work at 2AM, and think about my personal life in the middle of a business meeting; it develops me an ego I never thought I had, when he shoots me Likes, making me check who thought my status is funny, even when I sit in front of my best buddy in a cafe. It makes me feel as if I’m so social, but when I actually sit with my friends, my attention is given to the screen, not to them…

It’s about time to stop it. I’m not willing to give away all the amazing stuff I get from this super smart phone – makes me smarter, more productive, up to date, in the know; but I gotta figure out how to do that without the negative effects.

I’m starting my digital diet right away. I need my Organic Connectivity. Stay Tuned…


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