5 thoughts on “PHONE FACED DOWN

  1. Just flipping it face down is dieting?
    Try turning it off, or leaving it at home. Maybe… phoneless Mondays?

    Anyhow, IMO – nothing wrong with excessive digi-communication. This is the newest form of communication, if you don’t like it – don’t use it. But preaching against it sounds senseless to me – in the fifties, no-one berated people for reading the paper too much. It’s a means and people use it because it facilitates their life. Your contempt for this behavior, which is probably based on extreme negative cases, appears to be ill-justified, or faultily explained.

    • Well, flipping it face down is just a symbolic gesture. We would never think about turning it off or leaving it at home – exactly from the reasons you mentioned. Technology is great! and we love it and we love the smartphone! (read our agenda here).

      We have no contempt for the smartphone. But we do think that it hurt human interaction when we take it to bed with our partner; when we stop listening to a friend because of a notification from Instagram; when we can’t build a relationship with young toddlers because they are addicted to it. So all we say is, let’s talk about it. Let’s try and understand what is wrong and what is right.

      Note that the campaign is called “Phone Faced Down” and not “Phone Left Home” or “Get Rid of Your Phone”. So the phone stays in the frame of the picture, but we choose when we use it and when we don’t. We control the smartphone instead of it controlling us.
      I hope it’s more clear now 🙂

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