Smartphone Use In A Day

Smartphone Use In A Day

Smartphone Use In A Day

UNDIGITIZE.ME is a knowledge center for anything related to Smartphone addiction. In addition to writing on the subject and quoting people’s stories, we’d like to use Infographics, as they are the best way to spread information nowadays. Big up for this first one, made by our talented graphic designers.

Your Startup Acts Like an Obsessive Girlfriend

Ran Segall

Ran Segall

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post. Ran Segall is a designer who believes creative thinking & design can solve most problems. Product designer of @anydo

Imagine you’re going to a bar with friends.

Two days later you’re getting a phone call: “Hey [first_name]! we haven’t seen you for a while, how about coming for a visit?”, 2 days after that you might get this call: “Hey [first_name]! your friend [facebook_friend_name] was here today and really enjoyed, why don’t you come back?”. you might be sick of this cold calling by now, but be sure that two days later you’ll get another call: “Hey [first_name]! last time you we’re here you drank [whiskey], people who like that also like [vodka]! come by and give it a try!”.

This is of coures not some kind of a future vision – this is pretty much my life, and I’m sure your life as well.

Why? because most startups allow them selves to act like an obsessive girlfriend just because they have my e-mail address, or even worst – access to send me push notifications.

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90% Of Under-30 Admit To Have NoMoPhobia

A survey done by Cisco in Australia, shows that nine out of every ten people, under the age of 30, admit to suffering from NoMoPhobia.



“It’s happening subconsciously, and one out of five people are texting while they’re driving,” Cisco chief technology officer Kevin Bloch said yesterday. “It just speaks to these addictive, compulsive, behaviours that we’re seeing…For many under-30s, the smartphone has become an extension of themselves, from the moment they wake up until the second they fall asleep,” said Bloch.”This love affair with the smartphone is both enabling and crippling at the same time,” Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, official adviser to the Queensland Government on computer safety, was quoted by the daily as saying.

These people check their smartphones at least once every 10 minutes. So is it an addiction or what?

Phone Faced Down At The Wedding…





Last night my parents and I went to a family wedding. At some point I saw my dad checking his emails, sitting next to the table. And then I heard him whispering angrily to himself “Phone Faced Down!”. He put down his phone, my mom smiled to herself, and we all went for a dance. 

Ela Brayer-Faifkov, Tel-Aviv, Israel


Where The “Phone Faced Down” Campaign Started

Ten days ago, I uploaded the first photo for the Phone Faced Down campaign. That photo was taken in my favorite coffee shop in Jaffa, Israel – “Casino San Remo Cafe”, AKA “The Casino”. I went to sit there almost every morning, with my thoughts about the Digital Diet and how we can raise the awareness for this important issue. The reason I love this place so much, is not just because they know how to make a great espresso. It’s because the workers there are all young, passionate, smart and lively people. I was talking with them about the Digital Diet every day, we were brainstorming ideas, and thinking of concepts. Between taking an order, and serving another dish, I’d stop one of them for a moment, asking him or her what they think about this or that. And I always got their honest opinions, hearing their stories about iPhone addiction, getting some graphical advice.

Yonatan Ben Knaan, Cheer Leader

Yonatan Ben Knaan, Cheer Leader

I had four meetings there with Yonatan Ben Knaan – the first guy to join the team – where we talked and brainstormed endlessly about the Organic Apps, the Digital Diet, and about how musicians should ask their audience to put their phone in their pockets before the gig starts. A lot of this brainstorm is what led me to the Phone Faced Down concept. And many other great ideas are yet to be published.

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In my studio I got no Internet connection

In my studio I got no Internet connection. It’s part of my philosophy – separating the professional from the personal. So while working on my music, I’m never disturbed by emails or Facebook or anything similar. I can solely concentrate on my art.


gilad kahana

Gilad Kahana, Creator, Tel-Aviv

The First Person to Touch Their Phone Pays The Bill

My friends and I started a new trend. When we go out we place are phones in a pile upside down and out of reach. The first person to touch their phone pays the bill. Needless to say- we enjoy a smartphone free conversation, just like the good old days.

Tal J. Sandler

Tal J. Sandler, Tel-Aviv, Israel

UNDIGITIZE.ME and Google Glass

Lots of people – knowing about the project of the Digital Diet – sent me a funny video about Google Glass. The video shows you instructions of how not to be an asshole with Google Glass, because it’s really easy to be one when you got it. They called it “Glasshole”.
Now, their intuition was superb, linking the Google Glass to the project of “Outsmart your Smartphone”. As written in “Who We Are”:

…the new reality that took over our life so quickly, with the predictions for the coming technological developments such as the Google Glass, etc, woke us up

In other words, the fact that Google Glass is out, makes this project even more important. The technology is speeding up, but we didn’t yet come up with behaviours and regulations of how to use it. The next five years will show us many other bionic gadgets – bionic eyes, hands, etc. That is why we need to get more aware and discuss these issues, as soon as possible. In the mean time, we can start by understanding how not to be an asshole with your smartphone.

And now for the funny video, which can turn to be not-so-funny very soon:

Being Social is the New Anti-Social

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post. Kirill Shulman is a Search Engine Optimization and Social Media marketing specialist, with great passion for blogging and anything viral which still maintains a strong grip of the real world.. Follow him here and here.


Kirill Shulman tells us about his experience with Smartphones and Anti-Social people

Kirill Shulman tells us about his experience with Smartphones and Anti-Social people

We exist in many forms online, yet we exist in only one form offline.
And if my statement is correct then I must ask the following questions:

Why do we care less and less about our physical presence but care more and more about our online profiles?
When did a notification get more important than human interaction?
And why do we find it easier to look into a screen than into someone’s eyes?

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