Awareness is Half the Way to Rehab

The WORD is out. People around me are chatting about the Organic Connectivity, and about the concepts of Organic Apps vs Junk Apps.

Some of them even started using their phones less and less, and they tell me they enjoy longer conversations with their friends, and better mornings. That is exactly what happened with my friend Shiran.


Shiran, get off yer phone already!

Shiran is a super popular girl. She has 2,500 friends on Facebook, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s actually in contact with most of them. She’s writing a successful blog about fashion, and works for a PR company. Being social is the essence of her life and career, and that is why she’s an easy pray for the Junk Apps, for the “Likes” on Facebook and Instagram…  Shiran is also super intelligent, not one that is easily tricked. But she – like all of us – got hooked by the Smartphone.

Last week Shiran and I have met for a Friday beer in a nice cafe in Tel-Aviv.  Since the Organic Connectivity is grabbing my mind these days, very soon it became the subject of our conversation. We talked about how we became slaves to the phone, how it damages our sleeping habits, how it makes us ignore our best friends when me meet them.

That's how it all started. An innocent beer on a Friday noon.

That’s how it all started. An innocent beer on a Friday noon.

Then, last night Shiran texted me: “man, what have you done to me! since our talk on last Friday, I’m only charging my iPhone at night. I used to plug it in 9 to 12 times a day!”, I replied with “WOW! that’s awesome!”, then she wrote “Yes! on Friday I had it out of my sight for three hours, then on Saturday for few hours as well. I feel so much better”.

Now that’s amazing. Shiran didn’t need a course, a method, or to a read a 400 pages book about “how to stop your Smartphone Addiction”. It was just that one long conversation we had over a casual Friday beer.

I don’t think Shiran will stop using her smartphone, and probably very soon she’ll get back to the old addiction. But it’s still impressive that after 30 minutes talk some change happened. That is the power of awareness. Other friends of mine who I had the same conversations with, said that similar things happened to them. It’s just like when you first understand how bad are the fat and sugar in junk food. You are still eating hamburger and fries here and there, but a bit less than you used to…

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