How I lost proportions having NoMoPhobia…


Ciudad del este is located at the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, having a huge “tax-free” zone. While traveling in South America, I got there and had a full day to waste. I started creating a list of things I’d like to buy, comparing the prices between the different stores – all with the help of my precious iPhone. Then, while adding a new item to the list, I dropped my iPhone on the floor, and its screen cracked.
So I panicked.

My first thought was “It doesn’t matter how much they charge me, I gotta fix my iPhone ASAP!”. Then I realised how stupid I am. The goal of that price comparison was to save a few bucks, but now that I need to fix my smartphone, I’m willing to spend hundreds of dollars – all for the sake of not having a single day without this device… Nomophobia in South America…

Gahl Ehrenreich, Tel-Aviv, Israel

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