The Journey Starts Now

Instead of becoming slaves to our smartphones, let’s take back control of our lives. Let’s raise the awareness for having less push notifications, less addictive apps, less interruptions when we meet other people.

We don’t have to stop using technology – quite the opposite. Technology is a great thing, it can help us be smarter, more productive, up to date, in the know, more social…
But we should use it smarter than we currently do, we should ask the App developers to stop making us addicted.

Just like what Organic Food did to Junk Food – OrganiConn will do to JunkConn – the current annoying, disruptive way of being connected. We are about to understand what is the nutritions of the apps we use, why we get addicted, and what it does to our life, our brain, our inner quiet.

Let’s start this exciting journey now…

One thought on “The Journey Starts Now

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