China plans policies against internet addiction

China plans policies against internet addiction

China is doing it wrong. Policies for not using the web will not get people less addicted, but will lead them to find new ways to reach the Internet.

”You can forbid the internet, but young people will still find a way online,” he says, noting that this generation grew up with the computer. The only way to remove the attraction, Pi says, would be if peer pressure started to make it unfashionable to spend a whole day in front of the computer.”

Do you think it’s possible to make it unfashionable? Or even needed? I think not. The solution shouldn’t come from “use less”, it should come from “use in a smart way”

5 thoughts on “China plans policies against internet addiction

  1. This is an issue quite close to my heart, my undergraduate research was based around it (I will more than likely write a blog post on it sooner or later). I agree with what you’re saying! Like with most things there is normal use, and abnormal use! In my opinion it is down to the education on what is classed as normal, and then to learn how to moderate this so it doesn’t become abnormal. I am also a strong believer of when something is made a taboo makes it becomes more desirable, so forms of prohibition in my opinion are the wrong course of action.

    • Thanks Adam!

      I’ll be happy to post here some of your thoughts on this issue, if you wish too. As a guest post.

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