Our Kids Book is almost funded – thank to You

We are getting there!

Just a quick and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has showed their support for Planet Earth Kids Club! Thanks to you we’ve raised almost $3000! Your willingness to be at the front shows a special kind of support and we are deeply grateful.
We are happy to share with you a new illustration Hagar has just completed for the book.

This is the part where our Tom is visiting the museum with his dad, and for the first time he finds out how it is to grow up as a kid in planet Earth. An experience that will change his life, and the life of others on Compupiter…

Thank you for believing in us!

Oh! and don’t forget to share this project again and again, we still have a long way to go… here’s the link:

Lots of love,

Lior, Einav and Hagar

1398900_695526990469308_2041643002_o (1).jpg

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