The Power Of Boredom

As a kid I was very curious. I always wanted to know more, and do more. So when my parents got me sitting around the table for dinner, or a family gathering, I thought this is the most boredom thing that could happen to me. Instead of playing with my toys, or reading a book, I had to just sit there and be quiet, or speak with the grown-ups. B-o-r-i-n-g!

But that boredom had a great power. It made me take my mind places. Dream about things happening around me, fantasaize about events that never really happened. My imagination worked the best at boredom moments, and my inner world expanded.

Another thing I used to do around the table, is to be quiet and listen to the grown-ups. Catching up new phrases, learning about politics and various issues – things I had no clue about – had filled up those moments.

These are only a few examples for the power of boredom.  If they let me choose as a kid – I’d prefer to eat with my toys, or in front of the TV, but no one asked me. Today there are kids that play with dad’s iPad around the table. They might play an educational game, learning a new language, or improving their motor skills. But they miss out other stuff – they miss the boring moments, that are as important for their development, IMHO.

And telling them off is a hard task these days. First of, because we understand them – any dead moment we got in our lives – waiting for the bus, going to the toilet, or even when our friend stopped talking for a second – we grab our smartphone trying to fill-up this moment by another Facebook check, Instagram scroll, etc. Problem is, that sometimes we just wanted to spare a dead moment, but then we stay for long minutes…

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