Breakfast Before Browsing

Four days ago I’ve started testing a technic that should help me with my smartphone addiction. Turning on the Airplane Mode every night before I go to sleep, is keeping my phone off the network for the night hours, so when I wake up in the morning, turning my alarm off, I do not see gazillion notifications…

On these last four days I had great mornings, with coffee, radio and a shower, before I start dealing with the world and its notifications. That is why I got super thrilled finding out about the concept of the MoodOff Day. The MoodOff day is “A Morning A Year Without Technology”.

MoodOff Day. Image taken from their Facebook Page.

MoodOff Day. Image taken from their Facebook Page.

Every February 23rd, people in more than 15 countries are turning their smartphones off, for five hours. On these hours the organization suggest that you:

  • Have a coffee with someone and share a joke
  • Go for a walk on your street and find out who your neighbours are
  • Sit down for breakfast with the family (and actually speak to the people around the table)
  • Read a newspaper (the old fashioned way!)

I think this is great. Their Facebook page has more than 18,000 Likes which mean that many people tried it in 2012 when it started, and even more in 2013. Of course, 5 hours a year is not enough, but a little is still better than nothing. And more important than these actual five hours, is the discussions around this yearly event.

Have a great notification-less morning!

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